Media Monitoring, Analysis, SEO, Digital Marketing & Strategy.

Full Service Media Monitoring, Analysis, SEO, Reporting and Training Company

based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


Broadcast Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring of all major national and regional television and radio stations.

Newspaper Monitoring

Local and international Monitoring of over 2300 daily and weekly publications.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis of clippings daily with weekly or monthly full reporting including clippings and AVEs.

Digital Monitoring

Online monitoring of selected websites based on your needs.

Social Media Listening

Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Vimeo with others added as the need arises.

Digital Strategy

Strategic consulting and analysis of market position, tool skilling and goal setting. We also run digital accounts.


“Clint has helped us at PRIME Research significantly with his ability to get the South African media that we need. Furthermore, his politeness and immediate replies makes inquiries and new requests simple. I am very happy and looking forward to a long collaboration with Clint.”
Patrick van den Hoek – Prime Research

“SA Press Cuttings is and has been for a while our gateway to South African media. Now with the shift from scans to digital copies, quality has also improved dramatically and made research easier. We at PRIME Research hope to continue on with the services for a long time to come.”
Ulrich Staab – Prime Research

“S.A Press Clippings have proven to be both effective and efficient with their deliverables.
I have been using S.A Press Clippings for almost a year and have received nothing but excellent service. Reports are always sent on time and Clint Griffin always goes the extra mile when I require extra information for various campaigns that are run.
I would highly recommend S.A Press Clippings to anyone who wants results and that personal touch that Clint provides his clients with.
Thank you for your fantastic service – it is hugely appreciated.”
Siobhan Gaskin – Pirelli South Africa

“Thank you Clint for a fantastic, interactive and engaging Social Media Course. The delivery was superb and everyone without exception thought it was outstanding. A true investment of our time and money. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to expand their knowledge in the Social Media space to hire Clint for this informative and fun course.”
Sacha Sack – Crystal Media

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